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Getting mail has already been an event in Australia.  We have received most of the mail sent to us but we’re pretty sure some things have been misdirected and/or lost along the way.  Maybe they’ll show up in time.  We’re also working on getting a post office address sorted so that we can receive packages without the package being left at the front door of our apartment building where anyone could grab it before we picked it up.  Despite these minor setbacks we have been receiving some mail and we even received mail from ourselves:-)  We wanted to see how our organization’s mailing service worked firsthand.Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.24.35 AM.pngIf you’re on our mailing list and we have your address correct, you should have received our latest newsletter in the form of a postcard.  It’s pretty large so you can’t miss it.  We are not abandoning our typical emailed news but every once in awhile it is nice to receive something that you can hold in your hands.  If you didn’t get one and you think you should have, please contact me and we’ll get your address correct for next time.

Following us on social media will give you a definite leg up on our news but here is what we wrote in the postcard just in case you missed it:

We love the Perth skyline.  Our temporary apartment, on the 18th floor overlooking the Swan River, is a 30 minute walk from downtown.  We’ve starred our balcony.  Can you find it?  It’s a beautiful place to live and a great introduction to the city.  We are abundantly grateful for generous people at the local church who have provided the apartment and furnished it for us.

Pray for us as we begin intentionally getting to know people in our community.  Being in a high-rise has its challenges for building relationships, but chocolate chip cookies have helped open some doors.  We also have three little shops right at our doorstep.  Please pray for ‘I’ and ‘H’, two of the clerks we are getting to know.  Dance lessons, city walks, the farmer’s market and more, are all ways we are getting to know this city and the people who live here.

In February, Joy begins her masters program at UWA and Ryan will begin a more official ministry schedule, reaching out to and building relationships in Brookton and the Wheatbelt.  We hope to continue to make friends and build community, sharing our lives and sharing Jesus, as we navigate through this wonderful, beautiful city.  Thank you for praying for us and for Western Australia!


One thought on “News From Australia

  1. Hi Ryan and Joy, A few moments ago, I tried to reach, but this did not work. Thus, the reply to your last letter. Yes, I would like to receive a postcard from you. Perhaps your cards did not yet arrive to the US? From travel experience, I realize that cards might take several weeks to arrive.

    A friend in Inner Wheel gave me some contact information to share with you about local clubs in your area. You are too busy to become involved in joining one, but it is a way to make connections in a new part of the world.We do know that there is a club in Fremantle which might be relatively near Perth.

    A few days ago, Joyce Fritz and I drove up to the Colfax area to pick up an Egyptian man (former Coptic Christian) who has been living in Australlia for the past 30 years. Since both Joyce and I have been to Egypt as well as AU and are in Rotary, we looked forward to the chance to show our Christian brother some of the area. Fayez is from the Sydney area club: a place called Wetheral. During my first visit, our Rotary group visited the club for a meeting, breakfast, and sheep shearing deomonstration in a local BARN.

    The Weimar Institute near Colfax has several programs. Fayez, who is a psychologist, I think, came to the US to visit his brother’s family AND also to attend a seminar at the institute. Some of the subjects included counseling people with depression.

    In the months to come, you will be inundted with case studies, Australian law, and the introducory classes for your social work program. Welcome back to academia, Joy. Ryan and you continue to be in my prayer time. Bert

    On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 7:04 PM, Finding Joy in Western Australia wrote:

    > joycandee posted: “Getting mail has already been an event in Australia. > We have received most of the mail sent to us but we’re pretty sure some > things have been misdirected and/or lost along the way. Maybe they’ll show > up in time. We’re also working on getting a post off” >


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