Inconsequential Differences Between Australia and the USA #1

While I’m recovering from surgery I figured I would set an entry to post that I’ve been thinking about for awhile.  Australia and the US have a lot in common and many more similarities than differences.  However, there are differences.  There are some big differences, like driving on the other side of the road that cause us to have to think more intentionally each time we get in the car or cross the street.  But many of the differences are pretty inconsequential.  They don’t really change things for us, they are just different.Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 9.56.16 AM.pngInconsequential difference #1 is the way hanger necks are shaped.  Can you tell which ones are US hangers and which ones are Australian hangers?  The ones with long necks are hangers we brought with us in our shipment.  The short necked ones were bought here in Australia.  This really makes no difference to our lives except that Australian hangers are too short to allow for things to be hung to dry on a doorframe.  Maybe no one else does this (I get it from my mother:-) but sometimes we hang our wet shirts on a doorframe if they don’t go in the dryer.  Maybe this isn’t a thing here because almost everyone has a clotheslines.  Houses in Australia don’t have dryers or don’t use their dryers as much as typical Americans.

So there you have it.  Entry #1 in the newest series of Inconsequential Differences Between Australia and the USA.  I’m sure you are all so fascinated that you will never look at hangers the same way again.


2 thoughts on “Inconsequential Differences Between Australia and the USA #1

  1. So long as you don’t hang us out to dry with the inconsequentials… Hee, hee, hee.
    I have long been a door frame dryer – it must come with our height, b/c I frankly don’t remember our mother doing it. I also use the door frame for hanging clothes set out for the next day or for a trip – It’s perfect for hanging clothes after ironing them, although I hear millennials do not iron…
    So glad to hear that you are pacing yourself post-operation. It will pay off in the end. Lots of peeps decide they’re feeling fine and jump in full steam, only to pay big time that night and longer.
    Autumn and I have been praying for you and Ryan together every morning at 10:10 am – She asked why my phone alarm went off, and I shared my missionary reminder. So, she says today, “Grandma, is that the ‘pray for Aunt Annie’ sound?” We start with her Aunt Annie in Chad, then pray for cousin Joy and Ryan and finish with cousin Benjamin. The Holy Spirit is amazing – he’s working already in her young heart. Love you, Auntie Carolyn


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