Birthday Wishes

Today is my 32nd birthday and I am beginning another exciting year of unknowns.

This morning we spoke at a great church in Paso Roles. Ryan and I were encouraged and blessed by this sweet congregation. God is at work!

This afternoon we are headed up to Sacramento where we will spend a few weeks connecting with friends as well as other churches.

And if you’re wondering, all I want for my birthday is prayers, warm wishes and 5 new monthly financial supporters:-)

Reasons #66-#68 Why I Love My Husband- Birthday Edition

On Friday the 15th Ryan turned 37 in Wisconsin but in Europe Ryan turned 37 early in the morning on the 16th.  So happy birthday to my favorite (and only!) husband.  I’m glad that we could celebrate your first international birthday in Belgium.  The pictures in this post were taken when we went out to eat with some friends at a little place with yummy Belgian food called Nuetnigenough and walked back to the train station through the Grote Markt, the beautiful central square in Brussels.

Now, in honor of his birth here are 3 more reasons why I love my husband.  To see more reasons check out my previous posts like: Reasons #63-#65 Why I Love My Husband.Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.01.41 PM#66- He thinks I’m funny.

This week he laughed out loud at one of my snarky side comment jokes.  He often does laugh at my jokes but laughing out loud is something different.  I’m not always full of humor and can easily be too serious.  But Ryan doesn’t just think I’m funny, he knows I’m funny.  So even when my humor is absent, he is ready and waiting for my jokes to happen.  And when they happen, he laughs.  Well, most of the time.Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.01.08 PM#67- He sees the humor in life.

This goes along with my sometimes lack of humor.  When things aren’t going my way I can get pretty serious.  And yet it takes a lot for Ryan to lose his humor.  He is amused by life.  Amused by people.  Amused by the good, the bad and the in between.  And although I am often bothered by his happy go lucky ‘joie de vivre’ during my moments of serious humorlessness, I am so thankful that he loves life and finds humor in many things.Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.01.23 PM#68- He makes others laugh.

Living in community is sometimes a challenge but I am thankful for a husband who loves people and generally relates well with everyone.  Part of this relating well is his humor, telling jokes and sharing amusing moments.  I love watching him make people laugh just being himself.  I love his humor and how that draws people in.

Here’s to another year of laughter together!  I love you Ryan!