Brookton Mission Week

You know you’re in a different place when the warning you get before driving home is, “Watch out for kangaroos.”  After spending the day in Brookton, this was said to us very seriously multiple times as we prepared to drive back to the city last night after the fun quiz evening.  Although we wish we could have spent all week out in Brookton, it was wonderful to be able to take the day and see what the Brookton mission team is accomplishing by pouring into the local kids and community.

Ryan and I feel privileged to have work like this going before us that will continue to pave the way for future opportunities.  Hopefully next year we will be able to fully take part in this week of God-centered fun.  But for now it was encouraging to just get to know people better, see friends from the community and finally get that little feeling that we’ve arrived where we should be.  I’m looking forward to driving out Sunday for the large church gathering.  It will be a great celebration!

Little Blessings Can Be Huge

A church in Sacramento wanted a way to connect with us that would specifically get their kids involved.  We decided that a reachable goal would be for their summer tithe to go towards the cost of enough gas to get us from Perth to Brookton.  After doing the math, the goal ended up being $17.  Ryan and I were excited about the heart behind this gift and this week to attended the church and were told that the kids had a gift for us.Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.07.17 PMThat’s right, check out this amazing, giant check.  This check isn’t for $1.  This check isn’t for $17.  This check is for $100.  And we do realize this check isn’t cashable but it came with a check that we could take to the bank:-)  We were blown away that a small Sunday school, with very few regular attending kiddos, could raise this much money.  We were told that when the kids were frustrated that their pennies, nickels and quarters weren’t adding up fast enough, they decided to do something about it.  So they had a very lucrative lemonade stand and we are abundantly blessed to be on the receiving end of such hard work.

When I receive the picture from the check passing ceremony, I will post it here:-)  Ryan and I love having kids being a part of our ministry.  We’re definitely making a video from our first trip from Perth to Brookton to send back and show these kids how they have tangibly contributed to our work and ministry.  This definitely proves that little blessings can be huge.