Driving in Australia

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 3.28.50 PM.pngDriving in Australia has been an adventure so far and I’ve only driven a couple of times on my own without Ryan.  Today was my longest solo journey yet.  I attended church in Brookton and made the drive without the aid of directions.  Learning to drive in any new place is important and I’m looking forward to knowing my way around.  Today was a good first step.

Driving Through the City

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.35.48 PMWe may live in the city but we don’t typically drive through the city.  If we’re heading to Northbridge or downtown, it’s usually easier to take public transportation.  And if we’re leaving the city then driving around instead of through usually makes the most sense because of the city traffic.  So when we do end up driving through the city, I take pictures.  This city is very pretty and I like to document the occasion, especially since it’s happened twice in the past week!Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.35.20 PM

A Day Off: Nature Spa and Beach

One of the best perks of having a real weekly schedule is the ability to plan for and actually take a day off each week.  It has been over a year since Ryan and I have had a rhythm to our week that actually allows for the space to rest on a consistent basis.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had lots of amazing adventures and travels over the past year and there has been some rest within that but there is something really special and life-giving about having a weekly day of rest.  You might be saying, what about Sunday!?  Well, Sundays are lovely and we are getting a bit of a break being in a wonderful church community but Sundays are simply not rest days in our line of work.  So for the foreseeable future we have dedicated Fridays as our day of rest and fun exploration.  And this week we kicked off the adventure with a drive south along the coast to an area known as the Nature Spa.Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 12.12.49 PM.pngOh that’s right, I said drive because this week we bought a car.  Just like the provision of so many things along the way for us, this is another amazing testament to God’s ability to provide for us in ways above and beyond.  But that story is for another time because just look at that spectacular coastline.  This is a seriously beautiful place to live.screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-12-12-15-pmThe wind was picking up by early afternoon when we arrived but we decided to first go up on the rocks for a look around.  We spent a good amount of time all afternoon talking about all the people we know who would love this place.  If you come and visit, we can bring you here:-)  Rocks to climb up, places to explore, white sandy beaches, beautiful crashing waves and the Nature Spa.screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-12-44-59-pmThe Nature Spa is a natural area in between these rock walls where salt water pools and collects.  Despite the wind of the day, this area was very protected.  The ocean seeps through the opening you can see here but also splashes through other little ravines at the side.  If you look on the left side of the pool, the white water is caused by a mini waterfall that happens because of the waves.  The water in the pool gets warm because it’s shallow and calm but the water splashing over is cold, right from the ocean. screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-12-55-34-pmWe staked claim to a large flat rock in the sun and enjoyed the warmth of the day hearing the ocean waves and watching people come and go enjoying this beautiful place.  We were never alone and I’m sure the Nature Spa can get pretty crowded on weekends and holidays but we would definitely come back again.Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 2.01.23 PM.pngAfter we finished hanging out at the Nature Spa, we climbed back up the rocks.  It would be easy to twist an ankle here but we made it out injury free.  Before we left for our drive home, we wanted to check out the beach along the other side.  And I’m so glad we did!
screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-12-10-49-pmThis beach has beautifully deep soft sand and we had it all to ourselves for a little while.  The waves were powerful and bubbling and perfect for just standing in and enjoying.  I’m sure the current coupled with the waves along here would make it dangerous to swim but it was perfect for an afternoon frolic.  These pictures don’t do this amazing coastline justice.screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-12-13-56-pmOur day ended with an uneventful drive home and a lovely sunset.  We’re looking forward to more days off when we can go on adventures, get to know Perth and other parts of Western Australia!

Getting to know Perth- Rainy Day Transportation

Today it rained. We have given back the car we were borrowing and our umbrellas are packed in our shipment that will be arriving (hopefully) next month. So we worked out the least wet route to church. And this happens to be the same as the route we would take on a super hot day:-)

Thankfully we had a few things going for us this morning, it was not pouring rain, the rain was warm and there are a couple of different bus options. But we were grateful to have an overhang to take refuge under since there was no covering at this particular bus stop. We made it somewhat dry to church and it was clear enough to walk home this afternoon through the city. 
Maybe the Perth weather got the memo that we’re missing the California rains. It’s forecasted to rain 3 inches tomorrow!