Feeling Better and Pictures from National Park #2

I’m feeling better but still a little tender in the stomach where the incisions are healing.  Today I’m not resting because I have to be on campus for our internship introduction but I’m thankful that I can sit in a classroom and not have to be too active.  More details on the internship in Friday’s blogpost so stay tuned.  Please pray for me this week as I’m pretty busy but still in recovery mode.  In the meantime, here are some pictures from last Thursday’s pre-surgery outing.Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 2.44.44 PMFor various reasons we haven’t been hiking for awhile so hiking and another national park seemed like the right pre-surgery activity.  We drove about an hour to visit Serpentine National Park and parked using our WA Park Pass.  We were greeted almost right away by two kangaroos enjoying their breakfast in the picnic area.  And we were happy to see monarch butterflies as well.  The three hour hike only took us an hour and a half but it was still enjoyable and the views were lovely.

When we went back to check out the swimming hole again, we found even more kangaroos that hopped away before we could snap a picture.  I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually but it’s still fun to see kangaroos just hanging around.  This park was a sweet little gem and we are looking forward to heading back for the longer hike as well as swimming when the weather warms up again.

National Park #1- Yanchep

Today Ryan and I bought a year long pass for WA National Parks.  This is our newest excuse to check out all the places we can in WA.  Friends of ours visited Yanchep earlier this week and the pictures looked so fun that we figured we would visit ourselves.  Just a 45 minute drive north of Perth, Yanchep is a beautiful little getaway.  And if the lovely landscape isn’t enough, there are koalas!Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 5.19.38 PMCan you spot the koalas?  It was crazy how high up they sleep and on such little branches too.  We walked around for awhile just trying to spot them in the trees.  Thankfully they are all in one area so you’re guaranteed to see at least a few even if they are all asleep.

After the koalas, we took a couple other little hikes around the marshy lake and in an area that use to be a series of limestones caves before it collapsed.  There are still lots of caves in Yanchep, including one that can be rented out for events!  If we go back, we will definitely do some cave exploring.

After finishing up at the park, we decided to grab a bite to eat and then head to a nearby harbor to see the boats and the beach.  It reminded us a little of the harbor in Oxnard but the ocean looks different without the Channel Islands and all the limestone rocks told us we aren’t in California anymore.

Exploring our new home is one of our favorite things.  1 National Park down and we’ll see how many more we get to before our pass expires.