Our Oberschwaben Visit

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The last stop on our trip was to see the family that I spent a year with after high school.  It’s been 5 years since I returned to Zußdorf and it was wonderful to reconnect with the family and introduce them to Ryan.

We spent a day walking around Ravensburg which is known as the city of towers.  It was fun to hang out and do some touristy things with Ryan that I never did when I was here as a student.  We climbed up the hill for some great views and this is just a small sampling of the beautiful towers in the town.  The clouds proved to be such a great backdrop that day.

We also loved our time just hanging out with the family.  I went swimming in a little lake early on a couple of the mornings with my german Mama and one of the sisters.  We spent a day hanging out with cousins and others which included a trip to Affenberg (Monkey Mountain).  We played Settlers of Catan (the original in German!), went on lots of long walks and spent some time around the table just hanging out and catching up.

Everyone was home because one of the cousins got married so we also shared the cultural experience of a German wedding.  It was great to see most of the entire extended family, celebrate with them and introduce them all to Ryan (who by the way, got my German mama’s stamp of approval).

And this trip wouldn’t be complete without a couple trips to the Bodensee.  It was as beautiful as I remember and I’m glad we were able to do some hiking and rent a super fun paddle boat complete with slide.

The time was too short but I’m thrilled to have been able to spend time with this great family again.  As we all get older, add spouses and maybe at some point kids (this is not an announcement:-), these trips become more and more special.  Thank you Sturms for continuing to be a wonderful part of my life!